Festival Styling Tips With Melodi Meadows

With her ever evolving eye and vintage flare, Melodi Meadows of @babynative, was the perfect muse to curate this year’s festival collection. Longtime friend and stylist of the brand, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Mel work on various shoots – playing her role as creative, stylist, photographer and model. Always creating, always traveling, she refines her vision with everything she experiences.

We asked her to choose 5 pieces from our Spring ’17 collection and make them her own. Using denim and accessories from her personal closet, here’s what she would wear to a festival, day or night.

Palla Top + Cut Offs and Faux Leather Vest

“I’d call this the Hendrix, the perfect amount of Rock’n’Roll & Hippy vibe.” – Melodi

(Model Izzy left, Melodi right)

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere, but a lot comes from books and old documentaries. Fashion was so

expressive in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. People dressed in a way that reflected them as individuals.

Photographer, creative director, stylist, model (what can’t you do). What’s your role of choice?

-Creative Direction is by far my favorite. I love creating a story that is unique and inspiring.

Where are you from?

Dallas, Texas

What influences in your life have made you who you are today?

That is a really loaded question. My mom & dad in my younger years, never putting restrictions

on me or my imagination, and in my youth Bob Dylan’s poetry was a savior at times.

During my early adolescence it was studying abstract expressionism and

thinking outside the box that made me certain a creative life was the only road for me.

You truly live the life of a free spirit, what brought you to LA? Where would you live if you could?

I moved to LA for work as a creative and its been the best decision I ever could have made. Definitely Europe.

Best vintage spots?

The End in Yucca Valley or Cannonball & Tilly in LA.

Top 3 places you’ve traveled and why?

Barcelona – The art, salty water, and community among people.

Cuba – The music, dancing and sweaty night air.

Morocco – The colors, rich history, and the most beautiful stars I have ever seen.

What’s spinning on your record player?

The sound track to Only Lovers Left Alive, One of my favorite movies.

Top 3 headliners you’d like to headline a festival.

David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan. Too bad I wasn’t alive in the 70’s.

What are your personal style staples?

Polka dot shirt, silk scarf, flares, pointed snake boots.

Surf Bizarre One Piece + Vintage Denim

“This is a little Austin, TX inspiration. Easy dressing with swim & denim.

Perfect for a hop in the pool or river between sets.” -Melodi

Lennon Dress + Sheer Kimono

“The perfect night look with a mix of cool and sassy.” – Melodi

Malek Top + Super Flare Denim

“My personal favorite, with a Mick Jagger vibe. Perfect for any festival at anytime.” – Melodi

Sofia Top + Vintage Printed Pant

“The cool bohemian girl ready for an easy day on the grass with friends and music.” – Melodi

Karolina Bernhart, @karolina_hmu, touching up our festival babe Izzy, @yoizzy.

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