Dust and the Wind with Torrey Meister

Dust and the Wind with Torrey Meister

From Cabo to California, slowly, just as fast as they can.

And although he and Torrey Meister had been listening to just one song on repeat for the last 400 miles heading north from Cerritos, they’d both made five stops to take a leak since then.

Coming from Hawaiian islands where it takes a couple hours to get from one end to the other, a trip from Cabo to the US border put Torrey and Albee’s road-skills — and bladder — to the limits. As if there are any limits below the border…

But as far as that one song went, the two pro surfers from Hawaii just dug it. It was groovy. A little bit country, a little bit poppy, a lotta bit sing-able. It was the same old song, the entire, whirlwind road trip.

Sure, the great Carl Sagan defines our existence as “cosmic dust in an interstellar wind,” and the less-great band Kansas sings of a similar theory, it’s the modern great Sam Hunt that sings: “Body like a back road, drivin’ with my eyes closed…Doin’ 15 in a 30, I ain’t in no hurry: Ima take it slow just as fast as I can.”

Yes, on this fabled 1,000-mile roadtrip from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to the US border, surfing points and shorelines dotting the peninsula between the two nations, Albee and Torrey were gonna take it slow just as fast as they could. As all great journeys should be taken.

They stuck around Cerritos for a few days punting stalefish airs off the shorebreaky-ramps while eating fresh-fish at the palapas by the shorebreak. Tongue-twister, baby. They got their vehicles, Jetski and camping gear ready for the long line of blacktop ahead and left Cabo by dawn.

Dust and the Wind with Torrey Meister Dust and the Wind with Torrey Meister

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