The Very Best Of Young Gun, Dwight Pastrana

“I tried to use only my A+ clips,” says Puerto Rica’s Dwight Pastrana of his edit. “Most of them came from Maui’s west side which most people know as ‘Clay’s Spots’ – one of my favourite waves in this planet for sure!” Young Dwight told Stab he’d spent all winter working on the 90 seconds above, which paid dividends, attracting enough votes to earn his place among the top eight. Think his tube skills are impressive? Wait and see how he rolls in the best place in the world for getting barrelled.

I gotta thank all the boy’z from Maui for showing me the zones! And sharing some waves!”

Last place you surfed? Puerto Escondido, MEX.

Last move you pulled? Layback.

Last board you rode? 5’7 Black and white Merrick.

Last claim you pulled? At Puerto, Probably hands up looking up, one of the barrels of my life, and for the many more to come!

Last song you listened to? Location , Khalid.

Last film you watched? Dear Suburbia.

Last book you read? Max brand, RawHide Justice.

Last google search? Stabmag always ;).

Last person you stalked on Instagram? Abmaui.

Last person you pranked? Sebastian Soto.

Last text message you sent? Asking my mom if I had money on my credit card!

Last meal your parents cooked you? Quinoa and pork , by chef Jenn.

Last surfer that got you pumped? I saw Kai Lenny win the Puerto Challenge the other day!

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