Brett Barley’s Bio

DOB: Dec. 11, 1989

Sponsors: O’Neill, Sanuk, Smith Optics, REAL Watersports, OAM, Soloshot, SUPERbrand Surfboards, Futures Fins, Watermans Sunscreen

Home Break: The Lighthouse (Buxton, NC)

Years Surfing? 20 (geez that sounds old)

Favorite Band/Artists: Tie between Bad Religion & Pennywise. Been listening to both since I was like 8

Favorite Wave: The lighthouse…. Sure there are better waves in the world. But nothing’s better than scoring at home, and it’s my favorite wave to score.

Favorite Movie: Batman Trilogy

Hobbies: Fishing, video editing, Video Games (don’t play as much as I use to, but I was pretty good at Halo)

Any projects outside of surfing? Always projects to do when you own a house.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Brett News

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