Claire Wright’s Bio

Age 21

Birthday: March 14, 1996

Resides: Newport Beach, CA

Hobbies: Singer/ Songwriter, Life Enthusiast, Adventuring with friends, Surfing, Traveling, Flying Helicopters, Yoga


Coming from a strong musical background, Claire began playing guitar at the age of 13. She spent a summer in Hawaii on a missionary out reach camp where her love for singing/songwriting came alive. During her outreach, she discovered the impact music had on people. When Claire came home from Hawaii, she started writing everyday and her passion grew. At 16 she recorded her first EP and has been continuing her musical journey every since.

Now at age 19, Claire has tried out for American Idol, The Voice, and has several songs on iTunes. She continues to evolve, as does her sound. Her most recent niche has been found in the California Reggae scene. We know Claire and can expect her twist on this genre to be a game changer in coastal music.

Claire News

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