Cory Lopez’s Bio

DOB: 3/21/77

Sponsors: O’Neill, Rockstar Energy Drink, Freestyle Watches, On A Mission

Home Break: Ponce Inlet Florida

Years Surfing? 34

Favorite Band/Artists: To much good music to have just one.

Favorite Wave: Pipe

Favorite Movie: Talladega Nights

Hobbies: fishing and playing with my kids

Any projects outside of surfing? Raising a family.

Cory News

Cory Lopez’s Bred to Shred

Fresh off the successful completion of Cory’s first ever 12 and under ‘Bred to Shred’ Grom Event at the world famous, Ponce Inlet, near Daytona Beach, FL (Saturday 7/23); the …

Cory Lopez’s Latest Injury

Cory Lopez received hip surgery not to long ago after taking a beating down in Mexico. You may have seen our Fail Friday clip of Cory getting annihilated and tossed …