Honolua Blomfield’s Bio

Age 18


Birthday: February 5, 1999
: Haleiwa, Hawaii
Hobbies outside sport: Hiking, Running, Jujitsu, Free drive, Stand Up Paddling, Listening to music, Skateboarding, Cooking, and Baking


Honolua’s Hawaiian roots run deep, so it’s no surprise that she started surfing when she was only two years old. From day one, this native of Haleiwa, Hawaii has spent her life outdoors enjoying activities such as hiking, skateboarding, and stand-up paddling. Every single day she searches the famous North Shore for the spot with the best waves, spending hours letting the saltwater soothe her soul, and perfecting the graceful technique she’s known for. In those rare moments when she’s not in the ocean, she can often be found in one of her stylish retro outfits, listening to music and preparing her latest Instagram post.


Honolua is the master of two very difficult and unique disciplines of surfing – longboard and shortboard. From age five to twelve she picked one to practice each year, switching from longboard to shortboard annually. She competes in both, but has truly excelled on her longboard, winning competitions such as the ISA Longboard Championship in Peru (2013), the Duke OceanFest Waikiki (2013), and for three years in a row, the U18 Longboard division at the MSA Classic. Her style is progressive, without losing the classic style and grace of the world’s best nose riders of past and present. Closing out 2015, she was invited to the Jeep World Longboard Championship in China, finishing 9th in the world. She had her best competitive season in 2016, placing 1st place at the Noosa Festival of Surfing Women’s Pro. Also, dominating at the Duke’s Waikiki Wahine Longboard Pro and Taiwan Open of Surfing. Kicking off 2017 with the Noosa Festival of Surfing and having new additions to the WSL Longboard Tour, we’re excited to see how Honolua performs.


Now 18, Honolua plans to keep surfing as much as she can. Homeschooled and traveling around the globe from surf competition to surf competition, she hopes to attend college in Australia, but for now, she’ll enjoy each wave as it rolls in.


2016 – Finished WSL Longboard Championship Tour 5th overall

2016 – 1st Place at Taiwan Open of Surfing

2016 – 1st Place at Duke’s Waikiki Wahine Longboard Pro

Photography: Aaron John Gray

Surf Photography: Brooklyn Dombroski

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