Soli Bailey’s Bio

DOB: 31.05.1995

Sponsors: O’Neill, Channel Islands Al Merrick, Shapers Fins, Skullcandy, Arnette and Globe shoes
Home break: The Pass & Tallows
Surfing for: 17 years
Favourite wave : Desert Point
Hobbies: Fishing
Latest project: Fixing up my boat for fishing. Getting my boat liscence.

Soli News

Soli Bailey I/N/D/O/N/E/S/I/A

Soli Bailey I/N/D/O/N/E/S/I/A

Soli Bailey I/N/D/O/N/E/S/I/A O’Neill’s Soli Bailey has recently emerged from the Indonesian archipelago armed with a stack of footage that will surely blow minds. After chasing and then winning the …

O'Neill's Divine Wetsuits | Stab Mag

O’Neill’s Divine Wetsuits | Stab Mag

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