Timmy Reyes’s Bio

DOB 6/9/82

Sponsors O’Neill, Firewire Surfboards, Surfbreak Rentals, Pro-Lite, Smith Optics

Home Break Doheny

Years Surfing? 1

Favorite Band/Artists: Spice Girls, Creed, Kanye West, Nickleback, Sublime

Favorite Wave: Doheny

Favorite Movie The Notebook, Brink

Hobbies: Being a ballerina, stamp collector

Any projects outside of surfing? Ballet, Riding my razor and roller blading

Timmy News

Picnic | Pacific Northwest

Timmy Missions: Baja, Mexico

3am was the wake up call for this Timmy Mission. We knew the swell was rising and the wind was going to blow 20 offshore. The morning started as most …