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In 2006, Universal Music Canada got their hands on a demo of her music and within months Hayley was back in the studio producing, recording and mixing her debut album, Sunseed. In a day and age when many singer have their melodies and lyrics manufactured for them, Hayley was blessed to have been allowed to create music that she truly wanted to create. Her debut album, Sunseed (2007) and When the Bird Became a Book (2010-2011) were both recorded on the farm in a very organic, relaxed nature. Between takes she’d run often outside, grab a handful of blueberries, bike down to the ocean for a surf, or sometimes bump into black bears in the backyard while chopping wood.

While working on her newest album When The Bird Became a Book, everyone from surfer/musician Donavon Frankenreiter and G Love to her three year old niece made guest appearances. The album which deputs this Spring 2012 has a single available to buy now on itunes now.

As far as the most recent chapters are concerned, Haley has been touring and promoting the album as it releases around the globe, the road churning in her shoes, surfing the coast of Florida, her home away from home, acting as an ambassador for O’Neill Women’s, adopting sea turtles and trying to become more and more involved in the fight for oceanic and marine life preservation. Hayley is hoping to use her art to bring awareness to the pressing issue at hand and likewise to inspire.

Hayley said it best when she said, “I think music is an exchange of energies, and I love the exchange. It makes me feel good and inspires me to write music that I hope makes other people feel inspired to laugh, to go ahead and squeeze every ounce out of this wonderful thing called life.”

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