Ask Malia! Malia Manuel gives us the Low Down

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What do pro surfers eat, wear, do for fun, keep fit?

Look no further! We sat down with O’Neill Girls pro Malia Manuel and asked her YOUR questions you wanted to know! Check it out.


Larissa: Malia, are you a vegetarian, vegan or pescetarian? What’s your favorite meal? And you do yoga, right? Hatha or Ashtanga yoga? Do it everyday? You are always shining!


MM: My diet is mainly pescetarian, but occasionally I will eat organic poultry. I do all types of yoga! I love Bikram, Hatha, Ashtanga and usually try to practice a couple times a week.


Maria: Hey Malia! I’d like to know what kind of music you listen before heats or even while you work out. Stay awesome. xoxo..


MM: My music changes a lot, but I love to listen to Rihanna and Beyonce before a contest or while working out.


Alma: Hi Malia ! I would like to know how do you organize your daily physical preparation ?


MM: Luckily I was taught to be organized at an early age. Usually I prepare the night before knowing the surf forecast for the next day. Surfing is priority so my day revolves around the surf.


Lindah: Well hi beauty!  I just saw a small interview that you were saying you bought a house! Really?! Are you living on your own now?  In Hawaii, right? I wish i could live there! Xoxo


MM: Yes I still live in Hawaii – it’s awesome !


Have for questions for Malia? Let us know!


Stay tuned on the whereabouts of the Hawaiian beauty!

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