Bree Kleintop in Surf House Ep. 4

Electric Pulp

Join O’Neill Girls beauty, Bree Kleintop along with 3 other surf pros, in the journey of the ultimate Hawaiian summer at the SURF HOUSE.

See what happens in this week’s episode!

Recap: The Surf House crew, Alisha, Bree, Mitch Crews and Dunphy invite their pro surfer friends over for a barbecue, and the fun ramps up as the night progresses into wild pranks and unexpected hook ups. Mitch continues to surf hard on his injured ankle to get ready for the next major Triple Crown contest at Sunset Beach. Watch the season unfold with new episodes dropping every Monday on Network A!

Cast: Mitch Crews, Michael Dunphy, Alisha Gonsalves, Bree Kleintop

Produced by Jamie Tierney and Tate MacDowell

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