Bree Kleintop in Surf House-Episode 2

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See what O’Neill Girls’ Bree Kleintop is up to in this week’s episode of Surf House!



Episode 2 Recap:

The roommates settle into a routine—Mitch and Dunphy focus on surfing, fitness, and preparing for the Triple Crown of Surfing events. Bree and Alisha, who don’t have any contests to prepare for, are more interested in having fun 24/7. Alisha has her sights set on convincing Mitch to be her date to The Surfer Poll Awards and gets embarrassed by a Surfline photo linking her to New York’s best surfer and big-time player, Balaram Stack. Watch the season unfold with new episodes dropping every Monday on Network A!

Cast: Mitch Crews, Michael Dunphy, Alisha Gonsalves, Bree Kleintop

Produced by Jamie Tierney and Tate MacDowell

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