Catching up with Aaron Reed

Electric Pulp

How’s the leg doing? Was the rehab difficult?
The leg is doing much better. I can walk now and I am really starting to progress with my therapy. At times it is difficult. This is my first major injury, so the first time I’ve had to do the therapy process. At the beginning it was a lot more monotonous, just trying to get mobility back in my leg and ankle, but now I feel like I am able to push it a lot more and make some progress.

Explain a typical rehab day for a broken leg
I start with a heat compress, followed by some stretching. I usually try and ride my bike a few miles each day, and I do a lot of squats, balance exercises, and lunges. I haven’t been able to run yet,but that’s next. As of now, Chuck Norris and his Total Gym are my best friends.

When do you anticipate getting back to riding?
My doctor cleared me to ride whenever I feel comfortable. Since I have a metal rod inside my Tibia, the chances of it breaking again are pretty slim. I think I want to wait until I can run comfortably before I start to ride. We are having a demo day at the Texas Ski Ranch on Feb. 13th and 14th so that is the date I have set for myself to get back on the board.

The broken leg happened right before your wedding. How did the new wife take it?If I needed any reassurance that I was marrying the right woman, that was it. She handled it like a champ. Not to mention she waited on me hand and foot for about 6 weeks.

The Obsucra project is well under way. How’s it looking so far?We are really pumped on this whole thing. It is a dream come true for my partner Danny Hampson and myself. We just got samples of our new shoe with DVS and they are incredible. It is really a blessing to be involved with every level of production, from marketing to manufacturing. But I think the real joy for us is managing the team. It’s fun to see a group of focused young guys in the position I was in 7years ago. They are hungry, look out!

What’s coming up next for Aaron Reed?
This year I am all about traveling around and promoting my new brand as well as O’Neill and my other sponsors. We have a lot of tours planned this year. We are doing demos on the road, but it is more about letting the kids ride all of our stuff. I am really pumped on allof my gear for this year, and we figured it would be best just to let people try it for themselves. The next stop is at the Texas Ski Ranch where itis mandatory that you wear a coast guard approved vest. I am really pumped on this new Revenge CGA vest. It has the mobility of a comp vest with the safety and flotation of a CGA vest. Check for details on when we will be coming to a town near you.

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