Catching Up With Kiana

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O’Neill Girls surf team rider Kiana Fores is one of those amazing people you meet that instantly puts you in a good mood. She’s 17 years old, get’s straight A’s in school, rips at surfing and loves life! We’re stoked to have Kiana in town this Summer visiting from Kauai for a couple local surf contests. We asked Kiana to talk to us about what she likes to eat before and after surfing… here’s what she had to say:

“The night before my surf contest I like to eat good, with foods that have crabs and protein for energy. On the day of my contest I like to eat light and healthy. I usually drink coffee to wake me up and then go for either an Açai bowl or smoothie and pack snacks like Cliff bars, trail mix, and fruit for me to eat through out the day. I hydrate with both water and coconut water.

Since I am currently in Huntington Beach, CA I am able to eat at one of my favorite places, Jan’s Health Bar. It’s on Main Street and has salads, sandwiches, smoothies, açai bowls and much more. This weekend I got the soy turkey avocado sandwich with a berry bonanza smoothie and a salad! Great meal for after surfing!”



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