Catching up with Monica, our 2010 Generation Next Winner

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Our 2010 Generation Next Winner, Monica came into the building yesterday with a group of her friends for her pizza party, which was part of her prize package! We were able to talk with Moinca to see what she’s been up to since winning back in October!

What have you been up to since winning Generation Next?

I’ve been really busy with school! It’s my senior year so it’s been busy. Cross Country season just ended and I also just finished up the production of The Man Who Came to Dinner for my school’s theater department. I have recently started sketching designs again, which I’m happy about!

How did you celebrate your win after the event?

Me and two of my friends got a penthouse at a hotel by USC to celebrate. Then the next night was homecoming so I had a great weekend!

What three words would you use to describe your Generation Next experience?

Original, Long, but in a good way, and exciting

What do you want to gain from your internship with O’Neill Girls?

I want to experience everything from design to the business aspects. I want to learn it all! What advice would you give to the 2011 Generation Next girls when it’s their turn?

Stay grounded, don’t let your head get too big about the whole event, but the most important thing is to stay organized!

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