Claire Wright: Singer, Songwriter, O’Neill Ambassador

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O’Neill is proud to welcome our newest music ambassador, Claire Wright. We sat down with the talented Sacramento native to get the scoop on everything Claire:

O’Neill: Hi Claire, Welcome to O’Neill! The first question I think everyone wants to know is how old are you?

Claire: Hello! Thank you so much for having me! Very stoked to be here. I am 17 years old.

O:  Wow, you’re so young! Why did you start singing?

C: I have always loved performing and singing/songwriting is the perfect infusion of performing and creative expression. There is nothing more liberating than writing a song and performing it for a crowd. I just love the feeling

O: Where do you get your inspiration from, for your music?

C: There are a lot of different aspects that inspire my songwriting process. But, my songs are always rooted in a moment of deep emotion. When something tugs at my heart strings or impacts me in a new way, you can bet I will be sitting with my guitar and working on a new song right away.

O: Who are some of your favorite musicians?

C: It’s hard to say because I listen to a very broad span of genres. I love rap, pop, classic rock, house music, you name it. But, right now I am really into One Republic, Shwayze, Steve Miller Band, Santigold, and Passenger!

O: What song do you like best from your latest E.P, Icon of Freedom?

C: I would have to say I like my original song, Chemistry best out of the songs on my EP! I feel so empowered when I hear it. The lyrics and production are very bold and confident so, it’s a pretty rad feeling when I sing it too!

O: I loved all 3 songs, but Chemistry was my favorite too! What are some of your hopes and dreams for the future?

C: I am a huge dreamer so a list all of my hopes and dreams would probably be equivalent to the length of an encyclopedia! But, mainly I hope to stay true to who I am and reach a point in my music career where I am in a place of influence. I would also like to travel to places I have never been before!

O: How would you describe your personal style?

C: I like to think I have a pretty laid back/ California girl style. My ideal outfit is a beachy dress, flip-flops, tons of jewelry, and wavy hair! But, I also love to switch up my style and try new things! Fashion is a form of art in my opinion.

O: Besides music, what are some of your hobbies?

C: When I’m not playing music, I am usually adventuring with friends or traveling. I love seeing new parts of this beautiful world and I also just love to kick back and laugh with new and old friends.

O: Are you still in school?

C: Yes, I just graduated high school a year early in 2013. I am a freshman in college at William Jessup University. I hope to transfer to a school in Southern California and study Communications-Cinema Arts.

O: Congrats on graduating early! That’s an amazing accomplishment.

Thank you so much Claire for taking time out of your bust schedule to interview with us. Welcome to O’Neill!

You can check Claire’s music out on Itunes HERE

Watch Claire’s newest music video on YouTube

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