Collin Harrington’s Road to Recovery

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Explain in more detail how you got hurt. Anything you could have done differently to have prevented it, or just random? What exactly was torn/damaged?

Basically I tore my ACL ligament in my left knee. It wasn’t even that cool of a crash or anything. At least if it’s gonna blow, you may as well do it on something cool. All I did was a switch heelside 540. I saw some boat rollers coming down the lake so I actually got excited. I figured I would use it as a mini double up and do a switch 7. Instead I stopped myself at 5.
I landed just past the wake in the hard spot. As I landed I simply squatted down and fell back slowly. As I landed I just felt my knee roll outward just a tiny bit and “POP, POP”. I have torn my knee before so instantly I knew what I did.
The guys filming in the chase boat came to me and I told them I just tore my knee. They didn’t believe me ’cause it looked like a normal crash. I guess the only way I could have prevented it is that I could have used my CTI knee brace. I hadn’t worn a brace on that leg in over a year though.

Was this a re-injury or was this a good knee? How is it different from your other knee injuries?

I did this knee back in 2005 and re-injured it 6 months after surgery in 2006 because I was filming for the Liquid Force team movie The Truth and was pushing it too hard when I should not have been. It was better this time because I didn’t tear any maniscus this time like I did the others.

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