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A huge congratulations to Anna Pederson, this week’s #TodayIsPerfect contest winner!

Anna is a 17 year old high school student from San Luis Obispo, CA. Her absolute favorite past time is painting at the beach, as it serves as a form of meditation for her to pour our her thoughts and emotions onto a canvas. She also loves to take photos with her Minolta camera, as well as singing, swimming, Bikram yoga, playing volleyball and meditating. It’s safe to say that Anna is an old soul, full of introspection and peace.

Next year, Anna will be attending a 4 year university — but doesn’t know which one yet. She plans to major in either Biology or Environmental Sciences and hopes to spend the future incorporating science with travel and the arts to make an impact on this world.

When we asked her about her winning photo and her idea of what “Today Is Perfect” means to her, she told us:

“For me, the sun serves as my guide. No matter the day, it is somewhere in the sky to symbolize the endless shining positivity present in each and every moment. The clouds may block it at times, but it always has the power to peak through at the right moment, to turn a darkened situation to light. The energy radiating through this photo matches the energy in my soul; the feeling of happiness when you have satisfied your hunger for the beach, the fresh air and the unknown adventure that could await you at any moment. As some anonymous wise human once said, “Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions,” and with that a perfect day is formed.”

Anna has won an O’Neill prize pack and featured here on our blog and our social media channels. She will compete against the 8 other semifinalists next week to win the grand prize of the ULTIMATE perfect day! Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Congrats again, Anna! XOX


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