Cory Lopez- Legendary

At 35 years old Cory Lopez is in the best shape of his life and not slowing down. Recently, Cory took the groms down to Costa and showed them how real men work. He was up at 4:30 each morning doing his wake up rounds, in the water by 5:30. Cory was ripping whatever surf he could find for 10 hours a day, eating two meals, just pure stoke and love for surfing. Below is a quote about Cory by his good friend and 11 time World Champ Kelly Slater.

“C-Lo (as I call him) is a phenomenal all around surfer. Obviously, he grew up in the same crap I did in Florida but when his traveling and talent combined after years surfing big barrels and air waves, he’s become deadly in basically anything. Even surprising people with a second place on the Gold Coast in small rights at Snapper Rocks one year. Cory will charge with the way of them and barrel ride as well as anyone and then throw a huge air in any section. He’s unpredictable and unorthodox so you never know what to expect. On top of that he’s a really straightforward cool guy”.Kelly Slater

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