DIY Music Festival Flower Crown x2

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Hey O’Neill babes! I’m Natalie from Halfway to Harmony! Spring is in full swing which means one thing – festival season has begun. With that comes the need for the ultimate festival essential, flower crowns! Rock the free-spirited accessory with your perfect festival outfit from O’Neill and dance the night (and day) away.

If you are like me, and are sadly not going to any of the amazing music events this year, no worries because flower crowns look just as cute wearing a flirty dress to a picnic in the park!

I’ve got not one but TWO flower crown DIY’s in this post so lets get crafting!!

The first is this amazing sunflower crown. A perfect statement piece for Coachella this upcoming weekend!


Fake Sunflowers

Brown Felt

Glue Gun

Green Wire

Floral Tape


Step One: The first step is the same for both crowns. Measure and cut the green wire to fit loosely around your head.  Double this length and twist the green wire all the way down to create one thick wire. Twist the two ends over one another to make a halo shape.

Step Two: Take the brown felt and cut approximately 20 small circles. I found the easiest way to do this was to fold about an inch of the felt over and cut a half circle on the fold.

Step Three: Cut your fake sunflowers off the stems. Make sure when you purchase the flowers, they are not too big! Cut the stem even shorter so the back is a flat base.

Final Steps: Plug in a hot glue gun. Once it has heated up, put a dot of hot glue on the base of the flower, and a short line on the felt circle. With the flower being on the outside of the wire, press the two firmly together on the green wire to secure. If any of the felt edges stick up put a dot of glue and press firmly.

Repeat until the green wire is covered and you have a beautiful sunflower flower crown! Space each flower so that there is no open space in between.

Keep scrolling for another DIY!

This flower crown is super customizable and amazing on! Use whatever flowers you please.


Fake Flowers (of your choice)

Leather Cord or Twine

Green Wire

Floral Tape


Step One: See previous step one to make the wire base.

Step Two: Cut the flowers off so that about an inch of stem is left. Start with one flower and press it length-wise onto the green wire. Take floral tape and wrap it starting at the bottom of the stem, working up to the base of the flower. Take your second flower and lay it length wise covering the stem of the first flower. Wrap the floral tape again from the stem to the base of the flower.

Repeat this step around the wire! Leave about two inches of wire exposed between the start and end of the flowers.

Step Three: You have two options to finish off the crown:

Option 1: Cover the remaining wire with the green floral tape and you are finished!

Option 2: Cut the remaining exposed wire in half. Cut two 12 inch pieces of leather cord or twine. Fold the two wire in half backwards and twist the inside so that there is a small loop at the end of each wire. Pull one cord or string through the one loop. It will be doubled so make sure the lengths are equal. Repeat to the other side. Twist the wire so that the loop hole closes tightly and the string is held in place. Cover any remaining exposed wire with green floral tape! (Use above and below photos for reference.)

This option adds a cute bow detail to the back as well as makes the sizing adjustable, but they both look amazing!

Leave a comment below letting us know your favorite crown of the two, and tag us on Instagram if you make one! Also, keep an eye out for these pretty pieces making a debut in O’Neill x Tilly’s upcoming festival lookbook!



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