DIY Summer Hairstyles You’ll Love

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We’ve selected a few of the simplest, cutest, and most creative hairstyles to rock everywhere you go this summer–from nighttime events to endless days on the beach!
DIY Summer Hairstyles You'll Love
FISH FIN / A classic fishtail is a summer essential, but we have a new twist: A side fishtail! Or as we like to call it Fish fin! Not only is this hairstyle good for keeping your salty hair away from your face, you can even do it on your own but simply pulling your hair to the side and fish tailing it!

How to: 1) Pull all of your hair (dry or wet) to the preferable side 2)  Next, separate the chunk of hair into two, equally proportioned chunks 3) Weave one small piece of hair around the opposite chunk of hair as if making a miniature two hair braid within 4) After reaching the desired length, secure with a colorful hair tie and loosen hair throughout

DIY Summer Hairstyles You'll Love
SALTY TWIST / This hairstyle may actually take a trip to the beach.

How to: 1) When your hair is still damp from the seawater take one piece of hair from the front section of your head and braid it into a section near the middle 2) That’s it! No need for a hair tie-the salt water will keep it secure in place!

DIY Summer Hairstyles You'll Love
THE STATEMENT PONY / Perfect for humid summer days when there is nothing more uncomfortable then frizzy hair clutching onto the back of your neck. Dose up your basic pony with something more fun, like a thick french braid to frame your face and keep you looking “messily clean”.

How to: 1) Grab about 2-3 inch section of hair from the front of your face and clip up the un-used hair to avoid accidentally braiding it 2) French braid the hair using a technique in which you bring up pieces from the scalp of the hair 3) Pull the access hair (in the clip) into a ponytail 4) Secure the french braid underneath the pony tale with bobby pins

DIY Summer Hairstyles You'll Love
HAT TRICK / Annoyed with your greasy, tangled, unworkable hair?

How to: 1) Throw on a wide brimmed hat to not only look cute but protect your face from the sun as well. Perfect for beach days, afternoon parties, or even to pair with a summer dress around town!

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