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O’Neill Girls surf team rider Sage Erickson is here to teach you how to make your very own cut out skull tee. Sage calls this one, Ghostly Brilliance, we call it rad.

Also feel inspired with some photos we got off of Sage’s Instagram (at the bottom of the blog).

What You’ll Need:
-1 Tee
-1 fabric or chalk pen
-1 pair of small scissors

How To Do It Yourself:

Step 1: Pick out one of your favorite O’Neill tees. Preferable one with a good amount of material like the one I chose in the picture, the Jack tee.

Step 2: Lay your t-shirt face down, on the back of the tee with a white or dark marker (depending on the shirt color) outline your design. I chose a skull. The size of the design varies with how big or small you prefer it (also know that the bigger the incisions, the more skin will be showing).

Step 3: After out lining your design use a small pair of scissors and cut out the shapes. It doesn’t have to be a perfect cut, material isn’t the easiest to work with so don’t be hard on yourself if the edges are “edgy”!

Step 4: After your done cutting your shirt is complete, hold it up and smile, your new refurnished shirt is RAD!

xx, Sage

Instagram: @SageErickson


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