Donner Cup 2014 Recap Video


Donner Cup 2014 Recap Video

The first stop of the 2014 O’Neill Tahoe SUP and Paddle Board Series, the Donner Cup 2014 was graced with optimal conditions and positive vibes. 75 degree air temperature, sunny skies, and a lake that looked like a mirror because it was so glassy.

160 positive paddles showed up for a 9am race time. Once everyone checked in and received their custom O’Neill 24/7 race jerseys they made their way to the lake and started to warm up. It was quite a spectacle to see 160 eager racers lined up at the start with blue skies and Snow-capped mountains on the horizon. Once the line was set, the horn blew and the 5 mile race around Donner Lake was on.

Donner Cup 2014 Recap story and photo gallery HERE.

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