Eco Warrior Joins the Sea Dragon


I was recently selected to experience a once in a lifetime adventure and new educational experience pertaining to the environment aboard the Sea Dragon. The Sea Dragon is a sleek 72 foot Steel Hull boat sailing around the world to study the 5 Gyres (a sea current where garbage/debris accumulates) and the effects they have on our ecosystems.

I will be joining a elite crew of scientists, writers and film makers to study the South Atlantic Gyre and the effects of plastic in our oceans. We depart for Rio, Brazil this Tuesday, Nov. 3 for a 28 day crossing and land in Cape Town, South Africa tentatively Dec. 11 (if all goes smoothly). Predicted by ocean models but never verified, this trip will take an important first look into this part of the world’s oceans. It’s going to be a journey of a lifetime…

Read My Journals:
Sea Dragon Journal 11-10

There will be no emailing and very little to no communication from me while away. For those who are interested in following our scientific adventure you can find GPS where the boat is presently.

Find more about 5 Gyres organization and how to get involved.

Read about daily ship blogs and what we are up to.

There is also great way for kids, students, schools and universities to get involved and ask questions directly to the people aboard the Sea Dragon. Over 1500 schools have joined in so please pass along to anyone who is interested and get signed up. I would love to hear from all of you while we are at sea…
For more information visit interaction at sea.

Special thanks to my sponsors O’Neill, Boost Mobile, Pacific Edge Hotel and XS Energy drinks for donating some funding to this great organization. If anyone you know or a company wants to get involved, every little bit helps.

I want to personally thank you all for your ongoing support.
Like I’ve always said, you only get one life. So you better live and live it I do…

See you when I return home! Happy Holidays!


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