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Gearing up for fireworks and bar-b-ques?! Or getting a head start on your patriotic threads for the Olympics? Feeling crafty?

PERFECT! Cause O’Neill Girls Graphic Designer and Marketing Assistant Alison is too! Here’s her step-by-step for an original, DIY Star Spangled tank (way more fun to do outdoors on a Summer afternoon).

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What You’ll Need:
-Gray tank top
-Fabric spray paint
-Bleach pen
-Newspaper or cardboard
-Masking Tape

How To Do It Yourself:

Step 1: Use a bleach pen to white out the stars (and the stripes too if you want) where you want ’em.

Step 2:
Rinse that shirt out in water to make the bleach stop bleeding (throw it in the dryer if you’re pressed for time).

Step 3:
While that’s drying, cut out stripes and stars from masking tape.

Step 4:
With newspaper or cardboard inside the shirt, place those stars and stripes where you want ’em.

Step 5:
Using some extra paper, block off one color at a time as you lightly spray blue and red in the right spots (spray lightly and wipe off the tape between coats, otherwise it bleeds, unless you like how that looks).

Step 6:
Let that dry, then remove the masking tape. And you’re done!

As you can see, Alison never made it to the blue paint (the spray can was broken). But when that happens, just improvise and maybe you’ll like what you come up with better, like she did.

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