Fashion Tip Friday- Sunny Skies & Beach Time!

Electric Pulp

The weather report is in! Sunny California skies… and B E A C H   T I M E!!

Before heading out, make sure you have all your beach essentials!

  1. Always, always, always apply sunscreen before leaving your house. Burnt skin is never cute and it doesn’t go with any outfit.
  2. Make sure to have some quarters in case you need to feed the meter when you park
  3. Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water when you’re in the sun. Staying hydrated gives you a natural glow!
  4. Load your iPod/MP3 player with your favorite tunes
  5. Bring a book or magazine
  6. Take a snack! Have you seen our trail mix recipe?? Super easy and very tastey!
  7. B I K I N I!! duh! Don’t have one? Or just need an update for the season? We got you covered! Our Spring 2013 Collection is available now.
  8. Cover-ups.. dress, shorts, beach pants.. whatever you’re into!
  9. Sandals… to keep your feet cool and give your outfit an extra dash of spice
  10. Beach Bag.. to put all your above essentials


Check out our Marketing Assistant Alison’s “must-have” selection for this weekend’s beach day!



What’s your ultimate beach essential? Let us know!

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