Festival Hair and Make Up Tips From Karolina Bernat


Festival Hair and Make Up Tips From Karolina Bernat

What’s arguably the best part of getting ready for an event? We think hair and makeup is near the top of that list.

We sat down with professional hair and makeup artist, Karolina Bernat of @karolina_hmu, to get her take on each festival look she created for O’Neill. She described how each look was accomplished, and included a little inside knowledge on products.

How long have you been a hair and makeup artist? 

11 years

What got you into the industry? 

I always did HMU (that’s industry slang for hair and makeup) for friends. Honestly, it was something that just fell into place. I realized I was good at it so I took a shot in the dark and it evolved into a career. I’ve always been intrigued by fashion design, but not good at it. Working on HMU for fashion editorials was a way I could be a part of that world.

Where do you get inspired for new ideas?

Romero Jennings, Director of Makeup Artistry for MAC. I’ve followed him for a long time, bookmarking his work in Nylon magazine and various publications. Also, not all inspiration comes from a face. Really anywhere from print editorials or imagery on Pinterest catches my eye, like colors in a sunset.

How do you stay up to date on trends and products?

Social media is huge to see what’s new and trending. Doesn’t always mean it’s the best though. It’s a trial and error process for products.  That’s why I have two suitcases full of makeup.

3 products you can’t live without

Thayers Witch Hazel Rose Water (to cleanse)

Glossier – Super Bounce (after cleanse)

Embryolisse Lait‑Crème Concentré (moisturizer)

*The Glossier – Super Bounce gets your skin smooth and ready for the day. I’m also naturally dry so it’s perfect for my skin type.

The 3 products you can’t live w/o all surround skincare. How much should people emphasize skin care? 

Skincare is the #1 thing you should look out for. Your makeup will only look as good as the skin underneath.

 What could we always find in your makeup kit?

glossier boy brow, a good mascara, and bronzer

Tousled Waves + Sneaky Braid

Karolina created this tousled look by mixing in R+CO Badlands dry shampoo paste and a 1 1/2 in curling iron. Apply a dime sized dollop of the Badlands paste to your hands, dump hair upside down and massage fully into roots…her secret for the second day hair on a first day wear. To curl, hold the curling iron vertical while alternating sections forward and backward. Tip: use 1 in or larger sections of hair and sneak in a braid or two on either side.

Festival Hair and Make Up Tips From Karolina Bernat

Festival Hair and Make Up Tips From Karolina Bernat

Glitter Undereye + Fishtail Braid

This makeup look was layered on while shooting. She started with her overall eye; adding Urban Decay glitter eyeliner followed by Ben Nye sparklers silver glitter. Brush Application Recommendation: MAC 212 flat definer brush. For hair, Karolina incorporated a soft, side fishtail braid to complete a perfectly imperfect look.

Her tip: don’t overthink it, and work with your hair. You can always mix in/take out pieces. 

Starry Eyed + Loose Waves

Karolina freehand drew the star designs, using MAC’s 210 precise eyeliner brush and Inglot AMC white eyeliner gel.

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