Fiona Wylde Wins the 2013 O’Neill Tahoe SUP Title!

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From countless contest wins to setting new personal records, O’Neill Girls’ Fiona Wylde can tally yet another win in her amazing SUP career.  See her journey as she wins the Women’s Elite Title at the 2013 O’Neill Tahoe SUP & Paddle Board race series!


Today was the final race of the 2013 O’Neill Tahoe SUP & Paddle Board race series which was a 22 miler from Camp Richardson in south Lake Tahoe, to Kings Beach on the North Shore. It was a long one for me. I have never paddled that distance before. Besides the massive blisters on my hands, I had a great time! I finished the race in just over four hours.

The first three and a half hours was a slog fest with absolutely no wind. I was on a draft train for the first twenty minutes, but then fell off. I paddled the rest of the way solo without joining another train. The last 30 minutes we had an epic tail wind that pushed me right into the finish line. It is a really weird feeling being in a race not knowing where the finish line was. When you leave Camp Richardson, all you can see is the mountains around the lake, and trust me, one mountain looks a lot like another! Haha! About an hour and fifteen minutes before the finish I could pinpoint where the finish was. At that point I put my head down and just ground out the last bit.

Surprisingly I only bonked once, but thanks to the Pocket Fuel I carried with me, I paddled right through it! This has been an incredible experience that I will never forget!

I ended up finishing third for the elite women. Because I won the first two races, I am stoked to say that I am the 2013 O’Neill Tahoe SUP elite woman winner!



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