First Girl to Land a Varial Flip!

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O’Neill team rider Jenn GilanFarr just landed her first varial flip! This is the first time in history that a girl has landed that trick and we are oh so proud of our girl Jen! We were able to catch up with Jen and ask some quick Q&A:

For those of us that don’t wakeskate, can you explain what a varial flip is?
A varial flip is a kickflip with a shuv-it…aka vflip.

How long have you been trying to land this trick?
It’s definitely been a work in progress. I learned them on the trampoline first to save my shins some damage! Almost a year ago I started trying them on the cable to learn the rotation. The cable pull is much higher than the jetski so you have more time in the air to figure things out. Once I started to get the rotation down I started to try them behind the jetski, a few every set.

How does it feel to be the first girl who has ever landed a varial flip?
It’s pretty groundbreaking for women’s wakeskating, there is still only a small handful of girls that can kickflip. And landing a vflip takes us into that next level of tricks. The guys are progressing so fast it’s hard to try and keep up, but this gives me hope to one day narrow the gap!

Where were you when you finally landed the varial flip and what were the conditions like?
We were on Lake Mills, one of my favorite lakes in Orlando, and my old stomping grounds. It was overcast with glassy conditions. I knew the TransWorld Wake Awards were coming up and I was determined to get a trick in the reel for Women’s Move of the Year. So my friends Danny & Andrew took me out on the ski two afternoons in a row and made me try vflip after vflip. The first day I tried probably close to 40, I put 3 hours on the jetski between those two days. The second day about half way through my set I looked down and my feet were still on the board and I rode away.

What are you going to try next?
Probably a backside flip, which is a kickflip and backside 180 all in one motion. Backside 180s are my favorite. I’d also like to learn vflips toeside!

If the Transworld Wake Awards offered a Women’s Trick of the Year category you would have owned it! We’re so proud of you Jen!
It would have been huge for women’s wakeskating even to just make the reel, women’s wakeskating has never been a part of Wake Awards. Last year was a progressive year for women’s wake, and this year there wasn’t enough tricks submitted to have the category. I worked really hard to get that trick in time, so it was ultimately disappointing. I feel like women’s wakeskating would progress twice as fast if we had more support from the industry.

About Jen:
Jen GilanFarr’s ascent to the top of women’s professional wakeskating was fast, if not especially furious. The 24-year-old Lake Tahoe native quietly swept the WWA National AND World Championships, and was unanimously named Alliance Wakeskate’s Female Rider of the Year.She is the first and only woman to ever land a wake-to-wake shuv it (several, in fact), and one of the few with all-around skills behind the boat, on rails, at the cable or exploring terrain with a winch. There are few who love water time any more then Jen, and it’s obvious. Off the water she is an accomplished graphic artist.

Check out Jen’s blog:

Follow Jen on Twitter: @Jnonymous

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