For the LOVE of Food!

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Are you single this Valentine’s Day? Are you tired of gagging on all that supposed love in the air? Or are you tired of going to the same five restaurants over and over and blowing off your budget? Want an easy night at home, either alone or accompanied? Well, let us introduce you to your new significant other: cheap, homemade food.

This Valentine’s Day, instead of being bitter, let’s make it sweeter. And no, I’m not talking about sitting in your PJs spooning… several gallons of cookie dough ice cream into your mouth while watching Wes Anderson movies on repeat. I’m talking about the good stuff. Three words: vegan. comfort. food.

With all the love blooming in the air, you don’t need regret from eating junk food blooming and bloating in your stomach, or to watch all of your money fly away on Cupid’s Arrow at that fancy restaurant. Here are some guilt-free yet delicious recipes to get you through this Friday, and every day, whether you’re cooking for one or two.

No matter how you’re spending your Valentine’s Day or how you feel about it in general, you’ll fall in love with these recipes, and your body, budget, and taste buds will too. Check out our favorite recipes from some amazing food blogs:


Healthy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies                              Jumbo Stuffed Shells


Chocolate Waffles: 2 Ways                                                        15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta

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