Generation Next Finalist of the Week: Alee

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Learn more about our finalist of the week, Alee

Who is your favorite designer?
A: Marc Jacobs for his creativity and “out of the box” thinking

What is your favorite season to design for and why?
A: Spring, because you can experiment with more things. Rather than just sandals or boots you can wear both sandals and boots during spring with leggings and mix things up.

What has been your favorite part of this experience so far?
A: Designing the dress and handbag. I went home so excited to design more after our first day.

Which websites do you like to visit?
A: eonline, Perez, and

What kind of top would you design to score guys?
A: Nothing too revealing, most likely a cool tee shirt.

What is your favorite date outfit?
A: It depends on where you are going, but something that covers you. Jeans, boots and maybe a jacket

What characteristics do you look for in a prom date?
A: No Jerks! I don’t want a guy that will leave me and dance with someone else.

Team Edward or Jacob?
A: Jacob!

Date, Dump, Kiss the following: Justin Beiber, Ryan Sheckler, Joe Jonas?
A: Date-Justin Beiber, Kiss-Ryan Sheckler, Dump-Joe Jonas

Favorite Energy drink to get you through the day?
A: Redbull

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