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We just caught up with Ellinor W. who is our May O’Neill Girl of the Month winner! Ellinor lives in lovely Charleston, SC and enjoys kiteboarding, surfing, Instagram and volunteering for the Special Olympics! Take a moment to get to know this incredible girl:

Where were you when the winning photo was taken?
I was in Key Largo on spring break when this photo was taken. My whole family kite boards so we spent the week kiting on the beautiful shallow reefs there.

What are your favorite outdoor activities?
Because of the amazing area I live in I am busy on the water sailing, kayaking, wake boarding, kite boarding, and surfing, plus I’m on a competitive swim team! When on land, I run track and ride my skateboard around town.

Favorite breakfast to eat?
On mornings during the summer my best friend and I love to get together to make some banana pancakes.

Where would you like to go on vacation and why?
I’d love to spend time “hostel hopping” in Europe.

Any causes that are near and dear to your heart?
I am one of two teenagers that volunteers for the Southeastern Special Olympics Sailing Program helping and teaching down syndrome kids to sail and be safe on the water. It’s a really fulfilling experience.

Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest. Pick one!
Definitely Instagram! I love taking photos of my friends and family.

Favorite O’Neill Girls product and why?
I have a really cute O’Neill Girls romper that is perfect for the beach or a day on the town!

Any thoughts you want to share with us:
I think it’s fantastic that O’Neill encourages girls to be active and spend time outdoors!

Much love for Ellinor for being so awesome and adventurous! We loved getting to know her and we hope you did to. Upload your photo for a chance to be our next winner!
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