Girl of the Month: November

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Ellie’sWinning Photo!

We caught up with Ellie S. from Jacksonville Beach, FL who was our December O’Neill Girl of the Month winner. Ellie enjoys the photography, traveling and good ol’ mother nature. Take a moment to get to know her:

What are your favorite outdoor activities?
I enjoy anything outside! Being in the water, hiking, running, just enjoying mother nature!

How long have you been playing the guitar?
Since my senior year of high school.

Favorite breakfast to eat?
Hmm, I love a good omelet and a bowl of fruit with coconut and honey! From the best place around, Beach Hut in Jax.

Where were you when the winning photo was taken?

I was in this amazing place called Tip O’Tahiti in the Abacos (Bahamas). It’s my favorite place on earth, you should try to go sometime!

Where would you like to go on vacation and why?
Definitely New Zealand, I hear it is the new hot spot.

Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest. Pick one!
Facebook, but stumble upon is my new obsession!

A big shout out to Ellie for being so awesome and we wish you the best of luck in your upcoming adventures!

Upload your photos here for your chance to win next month:

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