Hawaiian Spam | Week Four


Hawaiian Spam | Week Four

Your weekly dose of uncut spam from the O’Neill House. This is Hawaiian Spam | Week Four.

– Nils shaves his Movember Stache.

– Cory Lopez tells us that sometimes Brett Barley gets credit for Cory’s waves and Cory gets credited for Brett’s waves. Benefits them both.

– Soli Bailey joins in on the team shenanigans.

– Timmy is getting off the island and heading home to find slabs.

– Jordy is getting plenty of practice for the upcoming Pipe Masters.

– Jake Kelley gets pitched at Pipe and comes up with battle scars.

– Keiki Shorey team swim, body whomping.

– Bash Mendes gets a little surprise on his face after waking up from a nap.

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