Hayley Sales to Release New Album!

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Hayley Sales O'Neill Girls

Hayley is wearing the Camden Jacket

Growing up on an organic blueberry farm was far from the Hollywood glitz and glam, but Singer-songwriter and O’Neill Girl’s Music Ambassador Hayley Sales was born to sing. Since her days on stage at her school plays in Vancouver British Colombia, Hayley Sales has toured the world, released two records with a major label and is now gearing up to make the album of her dreams.

“For an artist to have full creative range on a record is so rare these days and I am so excited to get my fans involved!” says Hayley. “I couldn’t have a clearer vision of how I want this next album to sound. I have become re-enchanted with my earliest musical influences– Judy Garland, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, just to name a few.”

Hayley has  joined forces with PledgeMusic.com to fan fund this upcoming album, set to begin recording next month. What does that mean? It means she needs YOUR help to make her dream album come true. In exchange for your support, you can receive exclusive updates including behind the scenes footage of the recording process and special exclusives like signed copies of the new album, private music lessons and/or chat over Skype, backstage passes, a signed Yamaha acoustic guitar, special thank you recognition in the new album’s liner notes, a house concert, even a co-producer credit on the album!*

Pledge your support today at: www.pledgemusic.com/projects/hayleysales

More information on Hayley Sales available at: www.facebook.com/hayleysalesofficial

*thank you to our friends at 75 management for the info!

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