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It’s hot out. As the summer begins to roll in, so has a weirdly hot heat wave. And well we love the 90’s on our desert tanning vacays, I think we can all agree this weather isn’t to suitable for everyday. But just how do we beat the heat? Read on for 5 fool-proof tips to keep you cool – and looking chic.



TIP 1: Wear a wide brimmed hat. As silly as it sounds to put on more accessories when you can’t stop sweating, to your disbelief hats actually keep the sun away from your face (therefore eliminating the makeup run caused by heat-riden perspiration). And for an extra-cool try dipping your hat in water! Bonus: studies show that wearing a hat decreases your chance of developing wrinkles and unwanted freckles do to harsh sun exposure.

TIP 2: Take a morning shower. Had a hot, sweaty night rolling around in your sheets because of the uncontrollable heat? Try hoping in the shower at 7am and turning the facet to cold. The refreshing burst of freezing temps will send an internal frost through your entire body leaving you cooled down for the day–or a few hours for the least.

TIP 3: Wear white. I’m not kidding. Wearing light colors when its hot out decreases the chance of the heat being absorbed in your clothing and also reflects the sun away from you. Dark clothes do just the opposite and will actually make you feel tired and dreary almost two times as fast.

TIP 4: Avoid colored short and long sleeve shirts. No matter how strong your deodorant is there is no way to stop yourself from sweating when the temperatures rise. Want to avoid the gross sweat marks that form under your armpits? Avoid grey and any colored, tight fitting, sleeved shirts–they’ll show through easily and leave you embarrassed, and sweaty!

TIP 5: Get wet to sweat! Feel like you’re going to pass out when you’re running in one-hundred-degree temps? Opt for a different workout and go for a swim! Not only does a few laps in the pool serve as a sufficent alternative to your routine cardio workout–its also a great, caloric-burning exercise!

Check out this Insider’s Guide to Swim Workouts from Fitness Magazine — it has great routines for every level of intensity!


Have any more tips or tricks to keep cool?? Leave a comment & tell us your secrets! XOXO

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