International Women’s Day – Meet Honolua Blomfield

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Happy International Women’s Day! A day dedicated to celebrating women all over the world.

Today we celebrate YOU, all O’Neill Girls, and our beautiful and talented team riders.

Meet Honolua Blomfield. An exceptionally talented 14-year-old surfer from Hawaii with a fearless attitude and love for an adrenaline rush.

Along with surfing, she enjoys soccer, jiujitsu, motocross and hula of course, but spends most of her time surfing the waves of her home break in Hawaii.

Next week, Honolua will be one of 500 international and national surfers in Australia competing in the Annual Noosa Festival of Surfing. She will be competing in both the junior women’s and the women’s pro divisions.

What makes Honolua stand out from the rest? In one of her fearless surfing sessions, she lost a toe! “My sponsors and I have an inside joke for when I’m hanging 10,” she said. “They say nine is just fine.”

We’ll be rooting for you Honolua! Hang nine!

Have any questions for Honolua? Let us know!

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