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The photo entries keep coming in, and we continue to be amazed at the gorgeous submissions you are all sharing with us! Last week, we picked 2 winners and called it a tie… Tessa Barton is one of our semifinalist winners who will go on to compete in the finals round for a chance to win her ultimate perfect day.

Tessa is a 22 year old artist from Salt Lake City, who recently received her BOFA fine arts degree from University of Utah. A true artist through and through, Tessa started her own photography business, and also plays in a band called Luna Lune.

She’s an adventurer who enjoys all sorts of activities, from hiking to boating to camping. She told us, “I am lucky to live in a place with such diverse weather and nature that allows me to take on so many hobbies!”

When we asked her to tell us more about her photo and her idea of “Today Is Perfect”, she tells her story like a poet:

Serendipity, finding something good without looking for it. 

The ocean itself is not big enough to swallow my thirst for adventure and imagination. I hear the intoxicating lyrics scream from the sun as my skin absorbs the earths natural energy. 

The possibilities of my day seem endless, the sun only belongs to this day, I am reminded that I get to create my life. My mind stretched as wide as the ocean, I swim and swim and never stop. I am reminded that today is perfect because, I am alive, I am determined, I will create to destroy, destroy to create, and the world sits in the palm of my hands. Today is perfect because I have my mind and with that, there is bliss. 

Tessa’s ultimate perfect day would most certainly involve adventure — traveling and/or trying something new.

Congratulations, Tessa! Wishing you the best of luck in the finals round <3

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