John John Returns to the Pipe Pro


Coming hot off his first six months on the World Tour and clinching the Triple Crown Title as the youngest winner ever, John John Florence is returning to Pipe. Did we mention that he’s the returning champ of the Pipe Pro? The 2011 Volcom Pipe Pro victory was one of a long line of 2011 accolades that cemented John John’s name a top of the exposure meter. With the new year comes new expectations and hopes are high for John John.

Once the contest starts, he’ll start his run in Heat 9 of the Round of 64. Two spots in that heat have yet to be determined but one spot is filled by the consummate threat and Pipe specialist Bruce Irons.

While were anticipating the event’s start, here is the Pipe Surf Cam and a few images of John John at Pipe to hold you over.

From Transworld – A video close-up of the reef at Pipeline:

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