Jordy Smith Talks Bending Colours | Interview


How was It teaming up with Kai Neville again after working together on Modern Collective? Was the pressure on to excel yourselves?
It had a lot of expectations to live up to. Coming back, we wanted to do things bigger and better.

Why did you specifically want to work with Kai again?
Because he knows exactly what he wants and he knows the style that I wanted in the film. There ain’t a better man on Earth to film and direct my movie.

Tell us about your Bending Colours co-star, Julian Wilson…
I had Julian come along on the trip because I figured this would be the kind of wave where he would excel, the sort of wave that suits his jam. He definitely delivered everything I expected and more.

Is it true that you spent up to ten hours a day surfing while making the movie?

It’s true, baby! Ten hours every day and, yeah, it was draining. I can definitely relax for a little bit now. I got a whole bunch of healing to do because I got really cut up on the rocks.

What locations did Bending Colours take you to?
We’ve been to Indonesia, Australia, Cape Town in South Africa, Reunion, Tahiti, a little slice of Puerto Rico, France and Hawaii.

What about the title? Where did that come from?

Bending Colours to me is the bending of the ocean, the bending of the waves. You know, when you’re turning with your board through the water, so many different colours bend and blend. The water turns from blue to white and you get all different kinds of coloured water. You could get brown and milky water in Bali or some of the bluest water in Reunion. Water and colours bend, so Bending Colours.

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