Kiana Fores-Advocate for a Clean Earth

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Kiana Fores is a 18 year-old Hawaiian surf-pro, volunteer and earth activist. Check out her tips on how to keep our planet clean and healthy.

Earth Day should never be one day of the year. We should always be friendly to the earth since we heavily rely on it to take care of us and supply us with the resources we need to live.

Be mindful – reduce, reuse and recycle.

There are so many simple things you can do to contribute to our world, like picking up trash and reusing plastic bags instead of throwing them away. Here in Kauai plastic bags are illegal and we only use paper bags.

Another way to contribute is to not waste water! Brushing your teeth turn off the water and only use it to rinse. Take faster showers! And much more you can do to contribute! When you throw away trash think of the landfill.

Our earth needs some loving, we need to work together to make our earth a happy place.

I love my home and this earth. SO should you!



Kiana Fores


Kiana is wearing the SHADES BRA TOP & TAB SIDE


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