Kiana’s Valentine’s Picks: Date Night Dresses

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Are you still looking for the perfect dress to wear on Valentine’s Day? Look no further…O’Neill team rider & fashionista Kiana Fores has got you covered. Whether you have a romantic date planned, or a night of dancing with your girls, Kiana shares her favorite O’Neill dress picks that are perfect for anything you’ve got going on Valentine’s Day.

Read on to see which styles Kiana loves and why they’re her faves (…and get them for yourself too!):


The BABE dress is one of my faves because its colors aren’t too bright, semi festive for that lovely romantic date night coming up!  A sunset stroll in this dress with your mate and the lovely open back makes you feel free and lovely!


The COCOA dress is beautifully pink and perfect for Valentine’s Day! It’s simple and great for the day time when you receive all those flowers and secret admirer cards! It can also be worn with the Candice top to add a fresh, unique feel to the look.


Helloooo CHANTEL dress! Ready to get frisky on that dance floor! This dress screams fun with a splash of sexy! You wear it and want to go dance. Pair with some wedges or booties (I’m wearing the Taylor Boots here) and you’ll be dancing away in the moonlight!


To keep it simple & confident, you can’t go wrong with the ANNIKA dress. It has a sweet and delightful feel, and it has a great flow to it. You really can’t beat the comfort, as the fabric is so soft. The contrast between the floral pattern and the solid black makes this dress playful but still sophisticated. You can go with your hair up or down. A truly versatile dress for any occasion!

Make it a perfect day and a Valentine’s Day to remember! You can find these dresses and many more on the O’Neill Valentine’s Shop: 

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