Kiana’s Visit To California

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Catching up with O’Neill Girls surf team rider Kiana Fores is always a fun thing to do! We were lucky enough to have her spend a couple days with us in beautiful Southern California for a photoshoot and an out of the office meeting. Check out Kiana’s blog below and hear all the details first hand from her!

“Hello California! Arriving Monday night the wonderful Cedar Carter picked me up and let me stay with her. The next day we headed to Long Beach for the O’Neill girls meeting, which I was very fortunate to be a part of. We brought two huge stand up paddle boards to teach the O’Neill gang how it’s done. We made it safely to where the lovely mama Whit and beautiful Kari had a great set up with dangerous snacks. hehe. Everyone started arriving and I got to meet all the behind scenes people of O’Neill girls. It was wonderful! All the ladies were sweet and beautiful as well as the few guys! Haha.

The meeting started and everyone had good spirit. The meeting was about what O’Neill is and why it exists. Whit, Kari, Paul, and Cedar had inspirational presentations defining the why and who the O’Neill girl is. Very impressed, I was completely fascinated and impressed with what they had to say and what they presented to the staff. Soon it was a room full of smiles, giggles and success. Let me tell you, THIS is O’Neill’s year! Their determination and effort they are putting into the clothes and design is amazing! It will make you feel happy and experience the Californian beach mermaid surfer girl bliss! I’m very exited and I hope you are too! O’Neill will provide you with all you need wherever you go every day. I’m a very lucky girl.

The girls made an O’Neill girls manifesto, which will make you smile, giggle and BELIEVE! Next we had a delish Hawaiian lunch with the beautiful Hayley Sales (O’Neill Girls Ambassador) playing and singing her music. I’m in love. Her voice is amazing! And she is the best whistler too! Definitely check out her music! Next we played 20 questions with me! Haha. I was nervous but excited to share about who I am and what I love. Some Q’s were def hard but I tried my best. After a few laughs and some sharing,  Cedar and I taught the gang how to SUP! Hahaha they did great and I think they enjoyed it! And no one fell into the cold not so clean water : )

As we wrapped it up with instagram, pics, chats, sweets that shouldn’t have been eaten, smiles and hugs, the successful day was coming to an end. Time for team work! Tying down the SUPs, Cedar and I cleverly packed the boards into the car! Girl pooowwwweerrr! A beautiful sunset, music to enjoy and a freeway ended the daylight. Deciding to make a huge healthy salad we went to the grocery store and got so much food for so cheap! I could definitely live here! The next morning Rob (Cedar’s hubby) and I hit the swimming pool at 5am. Hahaha yes 5am to swim in an outdoor pool! Great way to start the day even though I froze. Then Rob made me a huge cup of coffee that woke me up. Thanks Rob! Next Ceds and I got ready to head to the office to do my first studio photoshoot! I had butterflies but was really excited!

In the office it was bagel Wednesday and the crew was ready. We had Jeannie the lovely hair and make up artist, Val the classy photographer, Paul the undercover rockstar, and Taylor the young supermodel. The music started going as well as the clothes, flashes and poses. While it was Taylor’s turn I turned my iPad on to watch the epic Pipeline Pro!  I swear men’s surfing always astonishes me. Congratulations John John! Soon it was my turn. Paul turned some Rihanna Pandora on and it loosened me up. At first I wasn’t so sure of myself but towards the end I felt I was getting the hang of it. I really enjoyed the photoshoot. When Paul would say, “nailed it!”  you could change into the next thing.  It was a dream come true! Playing dress up hahaha

Sadly I had to say my good-byes, but I was so stoked to meet everyone and be able to be a part of O’Neill! That night I got to cook! I made teriyaki tofu and Cedar made a delish salad with rice! Great combo. As it came time for me to head back to Kauai, I just want to say that I am super happy and thankful to be an O’Neill girl and thank you for everything! I can’t wait to come back! I believe in the manifesto, I’m living the ultimate dream, I’m living the O’Neill girl life : )”

Kiana Fores

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