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Let’s face the facts ladies. Every body is not created equal. Whether we are bigger busted, pear shaped, or need some help in the cleavage department, the search for the perfect bikini seems to be a never ending quest.

Look no further! With the expertise of our swimwear designer, Jenna Sufficool, and our friends at Fitness Magazine, we bring you the best bikini for your body.

You’re more Kim Kardashian than Kendall Jenner : So you’re more voluptuous on your back side. No problem! Try suits with tops that have fuller coverage or have more going on like fringe or ruffles to balance the proportion of your body. Stay away from full coverage bottoms, boy shorts or anything that will attract attention to your backside. It’s hard to believe, but less is more! A cheekier cut is actually more flattering than a fuller coverage bottom. If cheekier is a bit too bold for your taste, try a medium coverage instead.

suits to try: Henna Ruffle Triangle Top & Henna Crochet Pant Bottom

You’re a Bit More Parallel Than an Hour Glass: If you are looking to create the illusion of curves, try suits with bold prints and fun accents. Ruffles and fringe for both tops and bottom work wonderfully along with a string bottom. Tops with some padding are great to create a fuller look. Avoid bandeau tops at all times as they flatten your shape.

suits to try: Sun Bra Top & Solid Tie Side Bottoms

Your Nickname is Dolly Parton: So you’re a little top heavy. Well, we’ve got news for you! This year, O’Neill Girls has introduced the “D-Cup Bikini Top.” It’s perfectly fitted for the larger busted gal without looking too senior. Try suits that have full coverage on top in fun, bold prints.

suits to try: Away Cross Back D-Cup & Away Braided Side Bottoms

For All Body Types: less is more ladies!  Too much coverage across the bum actually adds volume.  Try cheeky bottoms as they offer the perfect coverage and flatter all backsides.  For tops, always check under your bust to make sure the fabric is sitting flat against your ribcage. You want to make sure you are filling the whole cup but not spilling out, under, or over the bra.

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