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Just in time for prom and wedding season, here is a helpful “how-to” for the ever so popular smokey eyed look.

Everyone loves the “smokey eye”. There are so many ways to achieve this look. Whether it’s really subtle with soft browns or really dark and dramatic with black and greys, this look works for everyone! You can do this look for day time or night time events. The key to making it this look work is to be true to your own eye shape. Also, a good thing to remember is if you are doing dramatic eyes, try to keep your lips more neutral. If you are going for a lighter smoky look that can be worn during the day, you can add more color to your lips.
Sephora has a great How-to Video online for creating a simple smoky eye for all you visual learners.
Here is my personal “how-to” for creating your perfect smokey eyed look with a list of tools and steps to follow:

-Shadow Base – Laura Mercier’s Eye-Basics

-Eye Shadow – 3 shades within the same color family: light, medium and dark. Stila Cosmetics has a variety of trios in multiple shades. Stila Shadow Trio

-Eye liner– a soft smudgeable kohl Black or brown, or if going for a color a similar color to the shadow you choose Jane Iredale Mystikol

Brushes (MAC Cosmetics)

  • Fluffy blending shadow brush (MAC 217 brush)
  • Pencil shadow brush for smudging (MAC 219 brush)
  • Flat shadow brush for applying lid color (MAC 239 brush)

-Lashes (Ardell has inexpensive lashes and a huge variety of styles for all occasions) the 136 black is really versatile for all types of events and eye shapes.

-Lash Glue- my favorite lash adhesive is Duo

-Your favorite dramatic mascara! I love Cover Girl’s Lash Blast in very black.


On a clean freshly face, apply your daily moisturizer and concealer.

  • Apply a shadow base to your eyelid up to the crease of your lid. Laura Mercier’s Eye-Basics
    Depending on your skin tone there are a variety of shades to choose from. Something like Buff or Wheat works for just about everyone. You can use the flat shadow brush (MAC 239) or gently blend out the cream with your ring finger.
  • Second, apply the medium shade of eye shadow Stila Shadow Trio to the eyelid using the flat shadow brush (MAC 239), and using the fluffy blending shadow brush (MAC 217) to blend it out at the crease.
  • Third, take your smudgeable eyeliner (Jane Iredale Mystikol) to line the upper lash line smudging out thicker on the outer corner of the eye. These eyeliners are great because they come in a variety of colors and you can use the darker side of the liner to line and the other lighter side as a highlighter.

For a black/grey smokey eye, use the Onyx color. It has a creamy pearl highlighter on the other end that you can use to highlight the inner corners of your eye. You can also apply the lightest shadow color on top of the highlighter pencil in the inner corner of your eye for an added dramatic effect. Think, Kim Kardashian and J-Lo.

  • Fourth, apply the smudgeable eyeliner to the lower lash line and use the pencil shadow brush (MAC 219) to smudge it out. Also, go over the lash line with the darker color shadow. Depending on how dark you apply the color and liner, it will look more or less dramatic.
  • Fifth, apply the darkest colored shadow in the outer crease corner, framing your eye using the fluffy blending shadow brush (MAC 217). Use the brush to smooth out the shadow at the crease blending out the colors.
  • Sixth step, using the flat shadow brush (MAC 239), blend over the lightest shadow color to smudge out any hard lines from the crease up to your brow.
  • The Final step, apply your favorite mascara to complete your look.
  • As a finishing touch, you have the choice to add lashes. I always think lashes complete the look. This can sound complicated if you’ve never done it before, but if you have a magnifying mirror, tweezers, lashes and adhesive, you can do it!  Ardell has a quick and easy video on lash application. My favorite tip is to tilt my head up and look down at the mirror as I apply the lashes.

Complete this look with finishing powder, bronzer and a nude/neutral lip color. Finally, go out and have a night on the town!

Photo: Britt Rene Photo

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