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Welcome to Malia’s blog! A space where the beautiful Malia Manuel shares her epic travel stories, health and surf tips, and pretty much anything and everything that is Malia. Last week, we asked you if you could ask Malia anything, what would it be? My oh my, did you ask! Check out Malia’s responses below to your questions. Don’t see your question answered? Don’t you worry. We don’t want give everything out just yet. Stay tuned!

Marieke: I’d like to ask Malia what advice she has for girls who are new to surfing, like tips to make it easier or so?

My tip for any beginner starting to surf would be to use a longer board so it’s easier to stabilize your balance and paddle into waves. Also, learning to surf at a beginner’s wave will help. I also think you should have a good fitting wetsuit or bathing suit, like the O’Neill Superkini with Nanofront technology. It grips to your body when wet, so it minimizes any embarrassing slips. I love it so much that I helped O’Neill design the suit and they even named it after me, the Malia Superkini.  Lastly, always remember to have fun and enjoy being in the ocean!!


Ines:  Hi Malia!! I’m from Azores Islands and I’mm a big fan of yours! I just wanted to know how many surf sessions do you have every day, when do you go to the gym (before, between or after surf) and what time do you usually go to sleep and wake up? These 3 questions are the biggest difficulties for me because I love to exercise and really want to be a better surfer but at the same time I don’t want to be overtired.. anyway big kiss for you and keep ripping, your my fav on tour! xoxo

Hi Ines- thanks for writing! My whole day revolves around the surf forecast. I usually will know the night before if I’m going to surf early. If the waves are good in the morning I will paddle out at sunrise, then do some sort of exercise after that. In the summertime I usually exercise in the morning then go for a surf because sometimes waves won’t get fun until later in the day. I usually go to sleep before 10pm to be able to wake up early and dawn patrol. On a normal day I will surf once or twice and fit in a workout. But, If the waves are super fun I will surf 2-3 times a day and will skip a workout.

ps. I love the Azores, you’re so lucky to live there- it reminds me of Hawaii !


Emma: Hi Malia! Will you be at the Roxy Pro 2013 in July in Biarritz, France? I hope you will be there!

Yes, I will be surfing in Biarritz at the Roxy Pro this summer! I’m looking forward to it, it’s very beautiful there with lots of great architecture!      


Sarah Hi Malia! I’m 19 years old and I’ve surfed since I was 13, but I had some injuries that made me stop surfing. Now that I’m back I’m a little bit older to be a pro surfer because I’m only getting better now do you have any tips for me? I try to surf every day now as much as I can. Is that enough? What can i do also to improve my growth on surfing? You would help me a lot with your answer! Lots of love for you.

Hi Sarah, surfing everyday will help very much! I surf with a lot of my guy friends who inspire me to become a better surfer. Staying fit and eating healthy routinely will help improve overall abilities! Sometimes entering some of your local surf contests will push you to become better as well. Good luck, and enjoy the ocean !


Raquel: Hey Malia! You’ re one of my biggest role models, and you’re sooooo pretty omg and I’d like to know what kind of exercises you do to keep your balance. I’ve been without surfing for a while and I want to get back, so I thought I could start working on something. By the way, there are rumors that a WCT event for the girls will happen in Carcavelos, Portugal, and that’s my hometown. I’d love to see you there.

Hey Raquel, the best exercises for surfing would be plyometrics.. Burpees, push-ups, squats etc.. to help you get back into surfing shape. I would suggest doing “pop ups.” This is when you lay on the ground and push up all the way into your surf stance!

I heard that rumor too, I hope it is true – Portugal is one of my favorite places I’ve ever been!


Stay tuned for more of Malia’s answers to your questions! Have more questions? Let us know!

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