Malia Answers Your Facebook Questions!


Malia is wearing the Kanani Tank and the Pueblo Sweater

Malia was in town and for a short time while competing in the US Open. So we put out to Facebook to get you to send in questions for her. After surfing to a second place in the US Open Pro Junior and a second place at the Supergirl Pro Junior, she got out of the water long enough to answer your questions.

1. Christian Moruzzi will she marry me!? lol
Malia – Iʻm too young to marry!!

2. Mimi Rodríguez Martínez amazing picture
Malia -mahalo

3. Brian VanderSchauw who paints her boards
Malia – I paint my own surfboards.

4. Pete Turtle chocolate or vanilla?
Malia – dark chocolate

5. Tamara Demczuk damn does she wanne teach me how to do that??? enjoy surfing to all of you!!!! grtz from rainy and cold belgium
Malia – Get out and try it!

6. Emma Griffin Hey! What would you say the best board for a 5ft beginner girl would be? and what is your favorite place to surf? Thankyou xxxxx
Malia – I would say the best board for a beginner would something that floats you well in the water, like a mini tanker. I love to surf just about anywhere! Hawaii probably being the best:)

7. Dee Jay Jah Skanks Is she single!!!
Malia – Yes

8. Rinesh Patel What you doing tonight?!!!!
Malia – flying off to another adventure!

9. Alec Helland nice
Malia – not really a question, but thanks!

10. John Curmudgeon How much does she weigh, does she get motion sickness and does she have an allergy to tomatoes?
Malia – Never ask a girl how much she weighs! hahah!! No, and No.

11. Truc Nguyen Yo girl, you got a man?
Malia – No

12. Chadburn Spivey awesome cover
Malia – Thank you

13. Khalil Foul how long did it take u to catch big air like that?
Malia – Progression happens on itʻs own depending on the persons drive and motivations.

14. Nathan Smith so im painting my room.. what colour shall i paint it?
Malia – Google Feng Shui bedroom colors

15. John Bryant whats ur #
Malia – 99-neva-mind

16. Kyle Kaona Can we surf the Y together again this year????
Malia – Yes Kyle!:)

17. Joe Albert Wanna come surf with me??!
Malia – See you in the water!

18. Martijn Andriessen what do you prefer to watch…men surfing or women surfing?
Malia – Iʻve liked watching menʻs surfing, they definitely inspire me.

19. Justin Merritt Marry me!? Hahaa
Malia – I donʻt even know you!

20. Brad Davies if shes in Santa Cruz, CA tell her to stop by O’Neill at the boardwalk and say whats up!
Malia – I would love to visit Santa Cruz one day!

21. Wouter Biegstraaten Describe your best surfing related memory?
Malia – Boat trips to the Mentawais!

22. Fernanda Albuquerque what is the best tip to learn how to do aerials?
Malia – Focus on your speed

23. Michael Cho does she like Mike and Ikes?
Malia – Not sure.

24. Cody Taylor does she know kira sheppard because thats my cousin
Malia – I donʻt think so.

25. Brian Minkler Is there anyone capable of Taking the crown from Carissa? Can She take the crown? Hmmmmm.
Malia – I think thereʻs a hand-full of girls who could win the world title. Hopefully Iʻll be on tour one day and travel with them all.

26. Marshall Birren Teach me how to surf lol!
Malia – Take the time and go for it.

27. Grady Neilan i have tht mag!
Malia –

28. Rolando Ayala that’s a very awesome pic! love it tooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
Malia – Mahalo

29. David Harvey What was it like winning the US open of surfing in 2008 from a 14 year olds perspective?
Malia – It still seems surreal, a 14 year old could never plan to make history. Itʻs opened up a lot of nice opportunities for me.

30. Surf Berbere Yoga whats the best way to progress from beginner board to short board?
Malia – Start with a longboard and slowly progress each board a little smaller to fit your height and weight.

31. Ricardo Chavez i have this magazine
Malia – Sweet!

32. David Cunnison stay in the wave
Malia – Shoots.

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