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O’Neill Girls surf team rider Malia Manuel is now on Instagram! Stay up to date with all things Malia Manuel by following her @MaliaManuel. We’ve attached a couple of our favorite pics from her Instagram account.

Malia’s Intstagram: @MaliaManuel

About Malia:
Surfing has been ingrained in Malia’s blood since she was born. As a baby, her parents would take turns watching her on the sand while the other would catch waves on the beaches of Kauai. As soon as she turned two, Malia started surfing with them. Born and raised in the small lush town of Wailua, Kauai, Malia has been highly influenced by her culture.

Aside from surfing, Malia artistically paints her own surf boards with a Hawaiian/Polynesian theme, inscribed somewhere in her paintings, is the word “KAUNU”. The word, which means “passion” in Hawaiian, embodies her happy-go-lucky spirit. She also is an avid yoga student and runner. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, going to yoga, running, Malia is the true spirit of island aloha and grace. It’s rare to see her without a smile on her face or doing something other than creating beauty through her art, sport activities, or surfing.

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Fellow O’Neill Girls team rider Kiana Fores with Malia

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