Malia’s 5 Minute Smoothie!

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Training and healthy eating is important for any athlete to perform at their best. O’Neill Girls’ Malia Manuel is no stranger to early wake up calls and intense training schedules, but how does she manage to keep a healthy regimen when she’s always on the go? It’s definitely not easy, but Malia knows the significance of how clean eating does a body good.

“By being a professional athlete, it’s tough to have a regular workout and eating schedule. If I’m not training, I am jumping on planes getting to my next surf destination. Luckily, growing up in Hawaii has taught me to love fresh food and always having the need to be active. I don’t follow a specific diet. I just listen to my body. It’s important to know what your body likes and what it doesn’t. Right now I’m really into juicing, making smoothies and eating lots of fresh veggies. You’ll be surprised on how many amazing dishes you can make with the most basic items.”

After getting into more details on the health benefits of clean eating and “superfoods” (foods that are beneficial to your health), we invited Malia to show us how to make her favorite power smoothie.The best part? It only takes 5 minutes!

What You’ll Need:

2 bananas

1 teaspoon maca powder  (superfood! Benefits- boosts energy, endurance, strength & reduces stress)

1 cup frozen or fresh berries

1 cup coconut water (we used C20 since they don’t add any additional sweeteners)

Handful of kale

What you do:

Place all a ingredients into a blender and blend for about two minutes and vuala! You got yourself a quick and easy power smoothie. Perfect for an on the go snack or a power breakfast.



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Malia is wearing the Vega Top from the O’Neill 365 Collection along with Rope the Moon bracelets


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